Areas of Activity

Media Intelligence

BF&A holds tools that allow it to manage, understand and explain the complexity of on-line and off-line communications.

The knowledge and know-how of media interactions, its processes and main players are crucial to influence the choices of media. Its understanding, analysis and targeted choice implies years of experience and knowledge. BF&A partners have more than 20 years of experience in the media and communications advise area.


Competitive Intelligence

We have integrated solutions to gather and treat information of closed and open sources.

At Bonneville Franco & Associados we have the knowledge and know-how in the use of specific tools for treatment and development of information. We add value to our clients’ businesses by integrating new technologies of research, management, dissemination of information and stakeholders management.


Our surveillance and competitive intelligence system allow corporations and organizations to anticipate and reduce risks at the decision making time. The system scrutinizes all information so that we can monitor in real time all its surroundings. In this way we can to be conscientious of the behavior and strategy of suppliers and competitors. There are several tools that allow us to implement this system that you can apply together with BF&A or independently. Working with BF&A will, altogether, enhance the monitoring function and your Competitive Intelligence.


Public Affairs

We have the knowledge and the tools to establish constructive communication channels between the political institutions, the different economic agents and society.

Companies operate in a political and societal context that is not always aligned with business needs. We defend your business needs through the analysis of the legislative and political context and promote the debate in the most appropriate timing in order to create a constructive and responsible impact.


The work developed by BF&A in Public Affairs combines the development of relations with the political institutions, professional associations and media. We develop political communication strategies according to your corporate needs. We aim at building a strong reputation for you and finding the right balance between all parties involved.


Stakeholder Management

We do the mapping and the management of Stakeholders’ Communications

We manage people and brand reputation in a 360 process. Our difference is our capacity to promote a communications flow that makes brands become stronger and solid.


Our working method aims at building, managing and defending our client´s reputation covering  all stakeholders. We audit and evaluate corporate reputation.


After the audit, we operate across territory of attraction and seduction for journalists and social networks , following a practice that traces a consistent and engaging narrative that creates a field of attraction among the target audience.


Political Marketing

BF&A is specialist on the development of political marketing and electoral marketing.

We have worked in various electoral campaigns in the recent years and supported and advised government members and politicians.